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Rebecca Eisenstein

educator | relationship builder | facilitator of growth

Professional Experience

With 6 years of professional experience, I have developed transferable skills that allow me to provide high quality, effective, and data-driven experiences that promote growth and success.

Get to Know Me

Want to get to know me a little more? Learn more about my passion for togetherness and moment making by diving into who I am outside of work.


I am dedicated to providing free photography for special occasions. This space is dedicated to photography albums for sessions I have shot.

About Me

Hi! I’m Rebecca – an educator with a passion for training and development, marketing, and sales. As a talented relationship builder, I know how to communicate effectively to design compelling stories that resonate with participants.


With a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, I possess the skills to design engaging and impactful content while meticulously planning how to nurture the growth of future leaders. Additionally, my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Graphic Design has provided me with a deep understanding of target audiences and how to customize experiences to deliver exceptional results based on key performance indicators. I can help you refocus your company’s growth and success.


Let’s work together to drive growth and excellence in your organization.


Talk to Me

Have any questions? I am always open to talk about your business, new projects, creative opportunities and how I can help you.


If you think I would be a great fit for your organization, please contact me!