Fun Fact: I’ve Been a Mascot!
My senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to serve my school by dressing up as our mascot, Ramy the Ram for our homecoming pep rally.  Since then, I’ve been the Cat in the Hat for Kumon Learning Center, and even Amos the Greyhound for Moravian College.  I love mascoting and having fun […]
One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is… go to Disney!  Check out some of my favorite moments from my trips below.  
Habitat for Humanity Polar Plunge
In April, 2016, I plunged for a purpose for Habitat for Humanity, Lehigh Valley.  Now, April in Bethlehem, PA can get a little chilly… it actually started snowing right before we jumped!  Habitat for Humanity raised over $10,000 and had over 75 participants for the plunge.  
I met James Franco!
Every other year, the Student Government (SG) at Moravian College brought a prestigious speaker to campus as the large spring event.  In spring 2016, SG brought James Franco to campus, and I got to meet him (as the previous President of SG, I was grandfathered in to help with the event and meet the speaker).  […]