Graphic Design Work

James Franco Poster
Student programming poster for large spring speaker event at Moravian College
RA Appreciation Week
Poster designed for Resident Advisor Appreciation Week based on the theme of the year (Disney)
Comedian Geoff Keith Promotion
This poster was designed as a promotion for comedian Geoff Keith. The late night event, held by the student programming board (IMPACT), drew a crowd of nearly 100 students at Moravian College.
Eric Thomas Promotion
This poster was a promotion for motivational speaker, Dr. Eric Thomas. Dr. Thomas was brought to Moravian by the United Student Government as a request from a senior student. Dr. Thomas came in October, which was the month that marked the third year that the student had been cancer free. During treatment, the student had […]
Hoodie Allen Promotion
This poster was a promotion for the United Student Government’s 2015 spring concert featuring Hoodie Allen and Audio Push. The event drew a crowd of over 400 students at Moravian College.
Amur Leopard Brochure
This was a project for Publication Design. We were asked to design a brochure for an animal on the WWF endangered species list. We were also asked to come up with a unique design and include a donation card. This brochure was a trifold brochure that was shaped in an octagon. The triangles found on […]
McDowell Mountain Music Festival Booklet
This project was a design for Publication Design. Students were given a sheet of information to include in a 6×6 booklet for the McDowell Mountain Music Festival. The booklet could not exceed twelve pages.        
Magazine Redesign
This project was a magazine redesign for Publication Design. The objective was to find a low-budget magazine and redesign it. I chose Primitive Archer Magazine. Below is the original cover, followed by several redesigned images. Original Cover:                                     […]
2015 State of the Lehigh Valley Postcard
This was a project for my internship at the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges. I designed a postcard for the 2015 State of the Lehigh Valley Address to go out to local colleges and universities.